Wednesday, September 12, 2012

3 tips for us who just stepped into the animation industry.

Those are some experience or secondary experince I would like to share

1. the supervisor is not your teacher
  Be aware of your supervisor. He or she wants their life to be earlier by letting you provide the work they required, just the work they required. " No second thoughts!" If you end up with a lot of questions or "creative ideas" and confessed the weakness of your professional skills. That will be your doom day :(  Let your co-workers help out instead of your supervisor. Because they are not your teacher. But they are bosses! The real bosses don't fire people unless the supervisor told them to. Supervisors don't have the obligation to train you or chat with you. Your curiosity or enthusiasm would simply make you a" trouble maker". Because they are not your teacher!

2. Don't be the last one to leave the studio
   A studio always locks its door at a certain time, a lot of them has alarm system and you need to punch a code to lock it if you happens to be the last one worked overtime. Sometimes if you do it wrong the door did not get locked. The next day they found the door is not locked and something's missing, you will be in trouble. Instead of having the risk of becoming the scapegoat, don't be the last one to leave the studio.

3. Don't pass by your bosses' office too often
  When you pass by, you have to say hi, A hi may leads to more conversation like "how was your weekend?"  They have serious business at hands, they don't want to talk to you. So just pick another route to your desk instead of passing by your bosses office.

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